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Monarch Leadership Awards


In 2006, PAAWBAC established the Monarch Leadership Awards to recognize emerging API women leaders who are carving out roles as leaders and envision new possibilities for themselves and those they advocate for. These young Monarchs carry on the legacy of leadership and re-imagine the new possibilities that will shape our future.

2016 Monarch Leadership Awards

PAAWBAC honors the next generation of API women whose light shines brightly for others to see. Join us in celebrating their incredible journeys of leadership and inspiration.

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2014 Monarch Leadership Awards

Join us in celebrating the next generation of API women leaders and witness their journey as they recreate and redefine the role of women in our society.



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2012 Monarch Leadership Awards

“The Young and the Rising” is the theme for 2012 Awards to honor the next generation of emerging Asian Pacific Islander (API) women leaders.

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2010 Monarch Leadership Awards

We celebrate PAAWBAC’s 30th Anniversary and our founding members who, in 1980, imagined the boundless possibilities of Asian Pacific Islander women leadership if nurtured and promoted.
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2008 Monarch Leadership Awards

We are excited to honor five new Monarch Awardees who are Emerging API Women Leaders, taking the reins and building new opportunities for themselves, for those they advocate for, and their communities.
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2006 Monarch Leadership Awards

The first-ever PAAWBAC Monarch Awards were conceived to support and promote new leadership by identifying API women who are making waves and contributions at an early age.
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