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Mailee C. Wang

June 3, 2012

Program & Policy Director
Project WHAT! Community Works, Berkeley, CA

Mailee is a creative problem-solver focused on the human, social and legal problems facing children and at-risk youth, approaching them with patience, passion, and understanding.

In her role as program and policy director for Project WHAT!, she recruits and trains youth ages 14-17 to educate the public to understand the issues children and families face when a parent is incarcerated.

In 2010, she was selected as a Women’s Policy Institute Fellow with the Women’s Foundation of California.  Mailee is an active member of California United for a Responsible Budget, S.F. Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership, and Alameda County Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership.

She has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and participates in the LIFE project, working with children of incarcerated parents.

Mailee has a Bachelor’s degree in Political, Legal & Economic Analysis and a Master’s of Public Policy from Mills College.