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Den Quinsay

June 3, 2012

Formerly Peer Leader Advisor and Youth and Family Counselor, Community Youth Center, San Francisco, CA

Having experienced violence herself, Den is committed to teaching other young women and the community that violence is not an acceptable way of life.

During her past 4 years at the Community Youth Center in San Francisco as a Peer Leader Advisor and Youth and Family Counselor with the Young Asian Women Against Violence (YAWAV) and Sisters Against Violence Empowerment (SAVE) programs, Den recruited, trained and worked with young 14-17 year-old Asian women as peer leaders who campaign and advocate against domestic, dating and sexual violence.

Den is a fast-moving young Asian woman. She has taught English & translation in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, worked in the community in Ensenada, Mexico and worked in orphanages in the Philippines. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science/International Relations from U.C. San Diego and is completing a Master’s in Leadership/Global Leadership from Duquesne University.

She is currently a volunteer writer for Youth-Leader E-zine based in Berlin, on improving the self-image of women globally, and for Africa Rural Sustainable Development Association (ARSDA) based in Tanzania, helping to elevate the status of women in the society. She is an active member of the NGO/Commission on the Status of Women, NY.